If you’re evaluating your current email system or need one, you'll want to see why Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a truly modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application.

  • Zimbra offers the greatest flexibility in deployment compared to Microsoft, Google and IBM.
  • Zimbra offers the lowest TCO compared to Microsoft and IBM. With Zimbra, you can save up to 75% compared to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Zimbra has a long track record of innovation and offers easy integration with third-party applications.

Zimbra is the leading open source solution for enterprise, service providers, education, and any other business environment; offering both administrators and end-users unmatched benefits. The web based collaboration is at the heart of ZCS. This powerful web client integrates email, contacts, shared calendar, VoIP, and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface. This feature rich and low cost of ownership solution beats MS Exchange with so many other advantages. It also integrates with our Pro-Phone solution where voice and data converge creating a centralized solution businesses want.

ASON offers subscription support and migration services for the only viable Open Source alternative to Microsoft Exchange - Zimbra provides state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration solutions (email, address book, calendaring, web documents, etc.) for businesses. Zimbra's Zimlet technology is their strongest differentiator. Zimlets are a mechanism for integrating ZCS with third party information systems and content as well as creating "mash-up" user interfaces within the Zimbra suite itself.

Interesting Points

  • Email remains the most used tool for communication and collaboration and its use is increasing: a 2014 Osterman Research survey found that email use over the past year has increased for 52% of information workers while decreasing for only 3%.
  • Organizations of all sizes continue to evaluate and deploy new email platforms on a regular basis. For example, an April 2014 Osterman Research of mid-sized and large organizations found that while 47% have already adopted unified messaging, another 31% have plans to do so.
  • Research shows that only 12% of messaging-focused decision makers and influencers are “very confident” when estimating their organization’s TCO for email.
  • Three main decision-making criteria: long-term requirements for communication and collaboration, current and future deployment requirements over the next five years and TCO.

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