In today’s world, time is as much a factor as any other.  Enterprises have become accustomed to applications running on a very high speed Local Area Network (LAN) and the protocols themselves work very well in this environment.  A Wide Area Network (WAN) usually provides much less bandwidth and increased latency, therefore if you try to run these same applications on a wide area network (WAN), the applications will not perform as well.

WAN Optimization (also referred to as WAN Acceleration) helps to alleviate the effects of low bandwidth, high latency, congestion and protocol inefficiencies.

An optimized WAN can also provide ROI factors, such as bandwidth upgrade avoidance and reduced IT costs.  By utilizing data deduplication techniques, less data is required to traverse the WAN.


WAN wide area network design & optimization can produce the following benefits:

  • Accelerate key applications across the WAN for both remote offices and mobile users.
  • Decrease Data Center to Data Center backup and replication times.


Let ASON help you decide if WAN wide area network design & optimization is a viable solution for your business!

  • Determine and size the appropriate solution that fits your company.
  • Assist in a proof of concept (POC) to determine the expected results from WAN Optimization.
  • Implement and deploy the WAN Optimization solution best suited for your business needs.


ASON also provides proactive services which provides scheduled health checks of your WAN Optimization deployment.  Select from the following list of items, choosing the services that are most beneficial to your company:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance or acceleration within your existing WAN deployment
  • Investigate specific alerts or issues arising from your WAN environment
  • Provide knowledge transfer to your staff on design, best practices, and new features
  • Review the WAN infrastructure in order to investigate unhealthy units or anomalies
  • Evaluate your current operating system version to determine if an upgrade is necessary
  • Examine your current infrastructure in preparation for deployment of additional units


Contact ASON today 877-305-2766 to find out more about our solutions to evaluate your infrastructure to meet the needs of your company.