The Details

The Sophos Series appliances firewalls are built to offer exceptional performance and are available with a broad set of security features.


Technical Specifications

These powerful firewall appliances offer 1U performance with a desktop form factor and price. If you have a small business or branch offices to protect and are working on a tight budget, these models are the ideal choice. They are also available with integrated 802.11ac wireless LAN for optimal coverage and connectivity for your mobile workers. Built upon the latest Intel architecture, our software makes optimal use of the multi-core technology to provide excellent throughput for all your key processes. These models come equipped with 8 GbE copper ports built-in and, as with all our firewalls, up to 10 appliances can be dynamically clustered for greater scalability.

With bandwidth requirements constantly increasing, network security appliances need to do more than ever before. The Sophos Series appliances are built to provide optimal performance, versatility and efficiency to meet all your security needs.

The Sophos Series appliances are designed to provide the optimal balance between performance and protection – for diverse IT environments. Whether you need a solution for a small remote office, want to protect your school campus, or are a global organization requiring high-availability and enterprise-grade features, our Series appliances are an ideal fit.


Appliances to suit every environment Our broad product line-up makes it easier for you to choose the right appliance. A higher model number indicates higher throughput and an increased number of ports or connectivity options. And as every software subscription is available on every appliance, you can flexibly size the solution to fit your budget and your individual security needs. Next-generation firewall features or all-in-one security on a single box, it's your choice.


Proven performance on all models Our appliances are built upon the most advanced Intel technology. Optimized use of multi-core processors allows consolidation of your security solutions without a performance trade-off.  With faster than ever firewall, IPS and VPN throughput, our Series appliances effortlessly handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Plus, you can easily scale up by dynamically clustering up to 10 units without external load balancers.


Technology built to process data in real-time Your network is constantly changing so your protection needs to be adaptive. All our appliances have integrated high-speed hard drives (in many cases SSDs) for local storage of spam quarantine data and faster access to comprehensive reports and real-time logs. Accelerated in-memory content scanning in secure proxy mode makes your defenses more effective and efficient.


Engineered for business – today and tomorrow Using the latest Intel technology, our products provide the maximum in flexibility to add to your protection as you need it - without changing or upgrading your hardware. So you benefit from future software and performance enhancements which guarantee the best possible value for your money. Our 450 offers unmatched enterprise-grade features for high-availability on a 1U rack-mountable appliance.


Flexible configuration options on many models Configure your hardware to suit your infrastructure, even when that changes. Our optional FleXi Port LAN modules give you the freedom to select the connectivity you need – copper, fiber, 10GbE – you decide. And because they're fully interchangeable between the mid-range models, if you do choose to upgrade to a larger appliance, you simply swap your old appliance's module to the new one.


Key Features:

The Sophos Series appliances offer many features that make your network protection easier to manage and simpler to deploy.

Intel technology inside

  • Our hardware uses the latest Intel technology to provide the best performance and ensure the optimal use of resources.
  • By using standard Intel technology rather than customized hardware chips, our appliances are easy to upgrade and benefit from future software enhancements. That gives you greater flexibility and value for your money.

 Solid State Drives – fast access, low impact

  • Solid State Drives, or SSDs, provide faster data storage without the performance impact of rotating drives. Whether you're scanning large volumes of emails, or generating highly complex reports, they allow you to get more done faster.
  • As there are no moving parts, they provide a reliable high capacity solution for your network with all functionality on the box, rather than requiring a separate appliance.

 FleXi Ports – customize your connectivity

  • FleXi Port modules let you tailor your security appliance to fit your network connectivity needs.
  • On our 2xx, 3xx and 4xx appliances, you can select additional modules with copper and 1/10 GbE fiber interfaces to easily expand and upgrade your hardware.
  • They're fully interchangeable between models, so if your business grows and you upgrade, you can simply take the module you've already purchased and slot it into your new appliance – for example, going from a 210 to a 330.

 LCD Display – everything in view

  • The multi-function LCD display allows you to quickly check the status and do basic administrative tasks directly on the appliance.
  • You can directly connect a monitor using the built-in VGA port.

 Unrivalled performance, unmatched flexibility

  • All of these appliances provide outstanding performance guaranteed to minimize latency on your network.
  • Engineered to effortlessly handle multi-layered security, you get best-of-breed throughput unrivalled in this 1U class.
  • Over 10 Gbit/sec firewall throughput on every model.
  • Configure your chosen appliance with the connectivity you need using our FleXi Port modules. With options for copper and 1/10 GbE fiber interfaces, you can select the module that suits your requirements. All modules are fully interchangeable between appliances in this range.


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